Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EVA Tread?

A closed cell EVA foam with 3M self-adhesive backing for easy installation. It is very versatile and makes a great flooring solution offering non-slip, anit-fatigue, wear and injury protection and adds style to your boat, caravan, trailer, esky, children soft play area.. the possibilities are endless.

What Is The Standard Sheet Size?

Standard Sheet size is 1000mm x 2000mm.  

The two colour options come in 6mm thickness and the 3-colour options have an 8mm thickness.

What Is The Standard Surface Texture?

For all plain colour and 3-colour options, a brushed surface finish is standard.

For the camo colour, the standard surface texture is embossed dots.

A smooth, embossed or grooved finish is available for special orders (minimum order quantities apply.)

How Do I Apply EVA Tread?

  1. Clean the flat surface with isopropyl alcohol or acetone and let dry completely before applying.
  2. Before peeling off the backing paper, lay out the EVA Tread pieces over the desired location to ensure adequate fit – masking tape down the sides of each piece to ensure correct positioning of each piece before commencing.
  3. Fold up one side of the piece to peel back the 3M self-adhesive backing just enough to secure that side down into position. Apply firm pressure from middle of the piece to outside edges to ensure adequate adhesion.
  4. Then repeat on other sides, applying firm pressure from the middle of the piece to the outer edges to avoid any air bubbles – Not recommended to apply then pull off to re position, as this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the adhesion.
  5. If applied on a flooring surface, walk on the surface to ensure adhesion in all areas.

Please refer to How-to video.

How Do I Clean EVA Tread?

It is best to clean spills immediately to reduce the chances of the spill drying and making it more difficult to remove. Warm soapy water and a sponge can be used to. For more stubborn spills, a water pressure cleaner can be used.

What Warranty Does EVA Tread Have?

The EVA Tread EVA foam material itself has 2 years warranty from purchase date, if the products are used and maintained in accordance with all preparation, storage and cleaning recommendations. The 3M self-adhesive backing can not be warranted unless installation was applied by a dealer. Products deemed defective will be replaced (to the same value of original purchase).

EVA Tread is UV Resistant, meaning it will not cause polymer deterioration from exposure to standard climate conditions. It is however, likely over time due to our harsh Australian climate minor fading and/or discoloration of the material may occur. It is highly recommended to use a cover or store items undercover, out of the elements when not in use to prolong its longevity, as minor discolouration is not warranted.

If excessive fading results from defective material, it is covered, should it be deemed not caused by the material being subjected to temperatures in excess of 70 degrees Celsius, eg. light amplification phenomenon. Light Amplification occurs similar to the concave nature in a magnifying glass, which at certain angles refracts sunlight to a focal point, causing magnified heat to be produced. This extreme focal heat can discolour, distort/lift and possibly burn or damage the EVA Tread. Your Dealer will inform you if there are problem areas within your application, that the installation of EVA Tread should be avoided, or methods to attempt to lessen these risks – placing pads in high risk areas.

Situations to avoid excessive heat from Light Amplification:

  • Areas with high gloss, vertical and concave gelcoat panels
  • Near highly reflective stainless steel / hardware
  • Under boat windshields

Can I Get A Custom Colour Combination?

Yes, just provide a Pantone colour code (or a range of Pantone codes it can be closest to) and the quantity you wish to order. For exact custom made colour combinations, there is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 50 for 2 – layer colour, and 200 MOQ for camo colours.

Do You Ship Australia Wide?

Yes, get in contact with one of our dealers for more information. Shipping charges do apply.

Please contact a dealer directly to have any other questions answered.

What Surfaces Does EVA Tread Stick On?

EVA Tread does stick well when applied correctly over smooth gelcoat, fibreglass, aluminium including checker plate, thermo-lite board on the elephant surface side, concrete, timber, lino, tiles and many more. If you are concerned about whether it will stick to your surface, get in touch for a sample from your nearest dealer.

If your surface has moulded non-skid, it is highly recommended that it be sanded back flat to limit any debris getting under the product causing it to peel or lift, as it will not be warranted if placed on moulded non-skid.